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 About Reflexology

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PostSubject: About Reflexology   Thu Jun 11, 2009 3:27 pm

The history

It is not known exactly when reflexology was first used or whether it was a chance finding or intended. The first definite medical reference was found in ancient Egypt around 25000Bc. There are strong links between reflexology and acupressure as the both are a meridian therapy.

Eunice Ingham discovered that different zones could be linked to parts of the anatomy.

Dr William Fitzgerald used pressure points on the hands of his patients as a kind of anaesthetic.

What is reflexology?

Reflexology is a specialised foot massage designed to reach specific reflex points to aid balance and harmony to the energy flowing through them. It is a treatment that concentrates on the pressure points and meridian lines. Each point coincides with a part of the body or organ. The treatment lasts for about an hour with a lower leg massage to finish off.


Reflexology is a treatment that can keep the body in balance and prevent congestion and toxin build up. Therefore, reflexology can aid

· Headaches/migraines
· Sinusitis and catarrh
· Hay fever
· Eye disorders
· Ear disorders
· Toothache
· Digestive disorders (especially constipation)
· Menstrual problems(PMT, infertility, period pains, menopause)

Reflexology treats the person as a whole and not just isolated symptoms, it relaxes the mind and emotions and can treat various disorders at one time.

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About Reflexology
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