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 About Aromatherapy Massage

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PostSubject: About Aromatherapy Massage   Thu Jun 11, 2009 3:31 pm

The history

The recorded history of aromatherapy oils (essential oils) goes back as far as 4,500 B.C and clay tablets have been found from Babylon dating back to 1,800 B.C. Essential oils played a big part in Egyptian culture as oils where used in the preservation of mummies.

The Greeks used oils in there baths for massage and also to scent their hair and clothes.

References have been made to people using oils during the great plague; when people would wear sachets soaked in oils around there neck. It was because they found that the oils seemed to have the best resistance to the plague, not surprising as oils would have been the best antiseptic known at the time.

The knowledge of aromatics grew throughout the middle ages it was studied by many physicians of the time. By the 18th century essential oils where being used in medicine.

What is aromatherapy?

Aromatherapy is the use of aromatic extracts from plants in facial and body massage. It uses the vital forces of the client, therapist and the plant. Oils are selected by discussion and depending on what symptoms the client has or what the client wants out of the treatment .e.g. relaxation. It is a very light touch massage designed for the absorbtion of oils into the body. It can be done all over the body or just on specific areas eg just legs or just back. The treatment lasts for about an hour.


· Aids the immune system
· Stimulates hormone production
· Produces endorphins (the body’s happy bug)
· Produces a pleasurable feeling
· Good for circulation

Unfortunately common sense is not all that common!!

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About Aromatherapy Massage
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