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PostSubject: 11/11/11   Thu Nov 12, 2009 12:04 pm

Following on from a conversation at last nights meet-up at Indigo House...

Yesterday was significant from a numerlogical aspect as to the number 11:11:11

(11th day 11th Month 2009 = 2+0+0+9=11)
The significance is to represent change and a spiritual awakening.

My results are as follows;

An audible sound in my left ear - like a steady tone, very much a solfeggio frequency. Whilst I do have the (usual?) level of tinitus when I concentrate, this has always been an extremely high frequency - like the sound that bats make (A number of people say they cant hear bats - I just think they are batty???? Shocked )
Also a feeling of calmness and a definite steadiness in my heart chakra (usually this is bubbling away because I am angry at a customer or frustrated at this or that) but nothing - Like I could suffer a major insult and not be affected by it?
In all just a sense of "disconnectedness" as though I am using my body as a way to feed back information rather than "being" my body - hope this makes some sense.
This is most noticeable when I am driving - I seem very aware of every image and sound and a strange curiosity while analysing the information - almost like my body "computer" has had a processor upgrade!

Has any one else noticed any changes in their awareness? Just as a final aside - I noticed the complete opposite to this last month - completely "3D" like I WAS my body and that was all that mattered - getting angry at little things and so on??
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PostSubject: Re: 11/11/11   Thu Nov 12, 2009 12:13 pm

I wont go into too much detail but I had a detox last night and this morning of a physical nature lol as though I purged a lot of negativity that I had been unaware I was carrying. I also had felt very spaced out yesterday most of the day as though not really here but I just put that down to fibro fog until you mentioned the date thing!

Unfortunately common sense is not all that common!!

How you treat me is your karma - how I react is mine
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