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 pet shop

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PostSubject: pet shop   pet shop Icon_minitimeWed Nov 25, 2009 5:33 pm

Man walks into a pet shop:
Can I have one of those things that fly around.
Do you mean a parrot?
No, not those , it's smaller
Ah, you mean a budgie
No much smaller
A finch?
No smaller.
I don't know. What colour is it?
Sort of black and yellow, with little wings and six legs.
Do you mean a wasp?
Yes, that's it !
I'm sorry sir but this is a pet shop. We sell animals, fish and birds but not wasps.
But I want one.
As I said sir, we simply do not sell wasps.
Are you refusing to sell me one?
I'm sorry sir, but I just don't sell wasps.
What about the two you've got in the window then?

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pet shop
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