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 The old crones (3)

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The old crones (3) Empty
PostSubject: The old crones (3)   The old crones (3) Icon_minitimeThu Nov 26, 2009 8:40 pm

Thanks for coming round Maud. I've been quite beside meself with worry.
Don't fret Gladys, it's what friends are for. Just tell me what's upsetting you.
Well, I'll make some mint tea and open a jar of gherkins and then I'll open me soul.

Several burps and farts later.

Well you see it's about periods. Me Mum and Dad just didn't talk about such things. When we did it in school I didn't really understand it, but was too embarrassed to ask questions. When we had the relief teacher, Mr Randy, I could hardly speak in his lessons.
I know what you mean. I just used to drool all day long. He was always so firm in his lessons! But what about asking Bertram ? He might be able to help.
Don't be daft, Maud. He's only interested in playing with his balls all the time !
I expect you're right. I never did understand how you managed to fit a snooker table in the spare room. So what do you want to know? Honestly, I would have thought at your age you would have it sorted.
It's easier if I show you exactly what I mean. Grab your cup and come into the study.
I'm not sure about this Gladys.

Both go to the desk under the stairs.

Here, look at this Maud. Can you see where I'm pointing? In your experience should I put a colon or a period after this sentence ?

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The old crones (3)
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