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 The old crones (5)

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The old crones (5) Empty
PostSubject: The old crones (5)   The old crones (5) Icon_minitimeFri Nov 27, 2009 12:31 am

Gladys, could you make any sense of what the HP was talking about last night?
To be honest, Maud, I haven't a clue. Four elements you can see and a fifth element which you can't. I kept on thinking of the Bruce Willis film. Now there's a man I'd drop everything for, know what I mean !!!

Don't start me off Glad, I'm getting all flushed down there already !! But I do think the HP is a bit of an intellectual snob. Poncing around with all his ideas and just because he has a GCSE in, what was it, Expresso or Espanto or some such like.

I think it's Esperanto. One of them ancient mystic languages spoken by the Romans or Geeks or summat. I've never ever heard it on TV.

Well I went to see that nice man at the library and asked him if he knew about four or five elements. He said there was definitely one in a kettle and probably one in a washing machine, one in a tumble dryer and one in the hot water tank. He wasn't too sure about the hot water tank as most people call it an immersion heater, not an element heater. He wasn't sure about a fifth element, although he knew people who lived in council flats who had underfloor heating. They said they had elements but they had never worked properly. You definitely couldn't see those.

At last someone who knows what he's talking about, eh ! Did it make sense to you ?

Not really, Glad. Just more words floating around in me head with nothing to latch on to. I'm much happier wiv me evening class on Marxist Dialectical Materialism. That's so obvious I can't understand why we don't have a proletarian revolution tomorrow.

Yes, well, I'll make some mint tea. Do you want a couple of gherkins with it or do you fancy a pickled egg ?

Rolling Eyes

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The old crones (5)
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