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 The old crones (7)

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The old crones (7) Empty
PostSubject: The old crones (7)   The old crones (7) Icon_minitimeFri Nov 27, 2009 3:49 am

'ere Maud, pass me the Newcastle Brown and me box of cigars. Have one yerself.
Thanks Glad, I could do with a rest after this hectic afternoon.

Did you see the HP and HPess ? They were banging away for hours ! I didn't know he had it in 'im. She's no spring chicken either. The sweat was dropping off 'em like a waterfall.
Well I'm just glad we weren't picked to put in all the tent pegs. The ground is like bleeding rock !

And what about Basil and Mandy ? He was wheezing like a broken bagpipe! It can't be good for him at his age to get so out of breath. And Mandy was completely knackered. I thought she was a fit twenty year old, but obviously not. She was so exhausted she collapsed on the ground.
I think it's a sign of the times Glad. People just don't know how to start a fire these days.

Pass us another bottle Maud.
Did you hear Frank and Petula? They were making so much noise behind the oak tree. At one point I think she screamed and burst out crying. They both ran out with half their clothes off.

I think it was the same thing that happened last time. They like to meditate under trees and invariable sit on an ant hill or next to a wasps nest.

Do you fancy a sardine sandwich Glad ? I've also got gherkins and a salami sausage, one of those really big Italian ones.
I just love these gatherings in the middle of nowhere. The moon and stars, the camp fire, the rugby songs and checking the tent before you go to bed, to make sure Ralph isn't in one of his funny moods. Tell me Glad, since when do you have to do Reiki in the same sleeping bag as the client?

Yup, its a great time, Maud

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The old crones (7)
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