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 The old crones (10)

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PostSubject: The old crones (10)   Sun Nov 29, 2009 6:42 pm

Maud, are you still coming round to do an Ann Summers party for me?
Of course Gladys. I've got some new stock to show. Anyway, it's a chance to tell "interested parties" about the craft. I'm amazed at how many women want to know more, and how many go the whole hog. We must have seen three new covens set up over the last few years!

Amazing isn't it. And so what are your new lines?
Well. there's only one that I've tested. It's the old Chinese balls routine, but this time with a built-in radio.

You're joking, aren't you?
Course not! I used one the other day when I was mucking out the stables. I had it tuned to a Radio 1 concert. Guns and Roses I think. I tell you by the end of the concert I was so exhausted I could hardly walk. Boy was that a good time!!

If it's that good put me down for one.
I better tell you Glad, it does have a down side. The next day I used it again. I was desperately looking forward to it. But bugger me didn't I get the wrong station! I ended up with Terry Wogan on Radio 2. How his wife doesn't commit suicide I don't know. I was so down by the end of his show I could ave topped meself. I think the control buttons might be a bit dodgy.

Still, I'm game for a laugh. Radio 3 is broadcasting Ravel's Bolero next week. It just goes on and on and on, in a languid sort of way. Just how I like it, know what I mean!?

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The old crones (10)
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