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 The old crones (12)

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The old crones (12) Empty
PostSubject: The old crones (12)   The old crones (12) Icon_minitimeMon Nov 30, 2009 2:24 am

Guess what Glad. I was reading this book about magic in the old days, you know Egypt and Bubblelon etc. Well, apparently the priestesses used to go on a barge down the river, lift up their dresses and expose their pubes to the fields. It was to ensure fertility.
I guess its the sort of thing you'd do in a hot country. I wonder what the workers thought after getting an eye-full?

You know Glad. I was just wondering if the priests did it as well. You know, let it all hang out?
You're reading the book, Maud. Perhaps you haven't got to that bit yet? Mind you, you see blokes doing it on the motorway sometimes. I think they call it "moonshining" or summat?

Mooning, Glad, mooning.
Yes well, the sun doesn't shine there as they say! ( Four minutes of inane giggles ).

You'd better not tell anyone else about this. We've got that coach trip to the Callanish standing stones next month. I don't want the HP insisting we flash our pubes every time we pass some manky fields!

Although I might be tempted if I see a bloke driving a Merc! ( Five minutes of inane giggles ).

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The old crones (12)
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