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 Fill yourself with cosmic energy!

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PostSubject: Fill yourself with cosmic energy!   Thu Jun 18, 2009 11:33 pm

Inhaling cosmic energy is age-old. It involves assuming the star position. The head should be tilted slightly backwards...the back-tilted head aligns the spine to the most effective position so that the power can flow more freely.

Stand up now and assume the Star Position(legs should be a comfortable distance apart, arms should be raised, palms outwards). Let the power flow through you...you will feel the sensation gradually build up. For some reason that we do not yet understand, when you assume the Star Position and let the energy flow through you, some energy stays with you. It is as though you were a pipe with water flowing through it; the pipe remains damp even after the flow has stopped. Make yourself into a great cosmic accumulator. Visualize the flow of infinite cosmic energy rushing past you as a blue-white light. Hear it as a wind in the treetops. Stand in the Star Position. First the energy will flow in through your hands and then into your head. Some of it will also enter through the fontanelle, the place at the top of the skull where the infant bones grow together in the months after birth. Feel the coolness of the breeze. You are going to fill your body with cosmic energy. You will feel your head come alive and glow and pulse with energy. Let the head fill with energy. Then bring the power down through the throat and heart into the abdomen. Visualize the energy flowing down to the solar plexus; fell the momentary unsettled condition of your stomach as you fill these lower areas. Imagine the infinite power filling you as water would fill you. Finally bring it down to your genitalia. As you fill this area, you will feel your physical organs vibrate and tingle. Do not be uneasy; that very natural feeling will be dispersed if you send the power to the target you have chosen.

You are now full of cosmic energy. A clairvoyant would see you glowing in the dark and a Kirlian photograph of your hand would show the tremendous stream of light/energy flowing from it. Russian experimenters have even recorded the crackling noises of the discharge as one of their well-known healers filled himself with energy and sent that energy into the body of his patient.

Unfortunately common sense is not all that common!!

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Fill yourself with cosmic energy!
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