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 The old crones (11)

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PostSubject: The old crones (11)   The old crones (11) Icon_minitimeSun Nov 29, 2009 7:27 pm

Maud, have you seen the letter from the HP?
Haven't opened me mail yet Gladys. Why?

The next meet it to be the full works, orgy and all. The HP wants everyone to make a special effort. You know, lipstick, shaved armpits, bikini wax etc etc.
It's alright for him but he doesn't have the extra expense!

I know. But he's under pressure from the local farmer. The potato harvest isn't looking good and the apples ain't much better. Even my runner beans are looking droopy.
Talking of droopy, I hope it's not my turn to partner him. He's so flaccid it takes me all my time to get him ready. I don't really mind but now and again I could do with a bit of rough!

You know what the problem is , don't you Maud? It's the new recruit Mandy. If ever there was an incarnation of a fertility goddess it's her. When I look at her I want to..................... and then I'd..................I think the HP is intimidated by her.
Who isn't. After all she's a gym mistress at the local school, does Kung Fu, and is as earthy as a rutting stag! I think all the men in the coven feel they can't match up to her appetites, the women as well!

When you speak to her she's a really nice person. I think people will calm down once she's been with us for a while and they get to know her. Perhaps the HP will get his stiff upper lip back as well.
I bleedin' hope so! But just you remember Gladys, you're next on the rota after me so you might like to cast a "strengthening" spell in his direction !

Smile Smile
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The old crones (11)
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